What are the beads made of?

Fosse Beads are made from porcelain, which is a lovely white high-firing stoneware clay. Once glazed and fired in a kiln, they are very hard, glossy little beads. We finish them beautifully by coring them with real silver, which we discreetly stamp with our own maker’s mark.

Who makes the beads?

I design and hand-make all the beads. For more information click here.

Are all your accessories made from real silver?

We have taken great care to source quality accessories for our beads. The snake-chain bracelets and necklaces are hallmarked 925 sterling silver. The leather bracelets and necklaces have 925 sterling silver fixings and end caps. 925 sterling silver extender chains, replacement end caps and stoppers are also available.

Will Fosse Beads fit on my existing charm bracelet?

Fosse Beads will fit with some European charm bead collections, such as Trollbeads. They won’t fit over Pandora’s screw threads, however.

Will my existing charm beads fit onto your bracelets?

Our bracelets and necklaces should be compatible with most European charm beads, for example Trollbeads and Pandora, as they are about 3mm wide.

How do your bracelets work?

Our silver and leather bracelets (and our silver necklaces) have a clever removable, threaded end cap, which allows you to feed your beads on to one end, add stoppers if you wish, then securely refasten to keep the beads from falling off.

Why does the basket at the top of the page show more items than I have selected?

The basket icon at the top of every page adds up all the separate parts included in a ready-to-wear piece of jewellery. So, for example, a Welcome bracelet will show in the basket icon as ‘4’: bracelet+bead+stoppers. Don’t worry though, if you click on your basket, you will see that only the items you have selected are listed. Sorry if this causes any confusion!